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    客   服:353886721

    電   郵:huilujixie@163.com

    地   址:山東省泰安市肥城市老城街道辦事處欒莊村金牛山大街3-10



    Shandong Hui Lu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production, sales, research and development, after-sales service as one of the manufacturers. The company is located in Feicheng Shandong hi tech Development Zone, close to the logistics park, convenient transportation. Main business: tractor front drive steering axle (80-140 HP), mine wet brake bridge, bridge wheel excavator and all kinds of special axle and a series of products, and can provide technical support for customers, as well as a series of related products, one-stop procurement, let the customer: peace of mind, peace of mind. Company adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy; always adhering to the "quality of survival, reputation for development" business attitude. With our high quality products and considerate service to win every customer's satisfaction.